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Simon C. Leemann

Dr. ès sciences, Dipl. Phys. ETH
Accelerator Physicist

Staff Scientist, ALS Accelerator Physics
Deputy for Accelerator Operations & Development
Accelerator Technology & Applied Physics Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Me @ St. Martin FWI in 2012 My name is Simon Christian Leemann. I was born on September 7th, 1976 in Oakland, California. After growing up in Walnut Creek, California, I moved to Switzerland where I studied physics at ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich) focusing on particle accelerator physics and nuclear fission/reactor physics. In 2001 I passed my final exams and wrote my Master's Thesis on energy calibration using resonant spin depolarization at the Swiss Light Source SLS at Paul Scherrer Institut PSI.

In 2002 I followed an invitation to visit KEK (Japanese National High Energy Accelerator Research Organisation) in Tsukuba/Japan where I gathered some experience with MAD-X routines in the Accelerator Theory Group. After returning to Switzerland, I rejoined the Beam Dynamics Group at PSI where I started my PhD work. The goal of the thesis was to deliver a beam dynamics characterization of electron bunches emitted by field emitter array cathodes. Additionally we investigated how to preserve the ultra-low emittance by using various space charge compensation techniques. This research was part of the Low Emittance Gun Project at PSI and EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne). The thesis was completed in December 2006 and I received my PhD from EPFL in January 2007. I stayed at PSI for another couple of months and worked as a postdoc in the PSI X-Ray Free Electron Laser Project (now SwissFEL).

In December 2007 I joined MAX-lab (Lund University, Sweden) as a postdoc with a research grant from the Swedish National Research Council. As a member of the accelerator physics group I took on beam dynamics and design studies for the MAX IV Project. Energy calibration measurements at the MAX II storage ring and phase space reconstruction with tomographic methods were other pet projects of mine. In 2009 I became a permanent staff member and took over responsibility for the MAX IV storage ring beam dynamics. Other areas I was involved in were the MAX IV FEL project and the proposed laser-backscattering facility at MAX IV. In 2014 I became head of the Accelerator Development Group within the Machine Division of the MAX IV Laboratory.

In 2017 I moved to the Advanced Light Source at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and joined the ALS Accelerator Physics Group as a Staff Scientist. Here I'm the Deputy for Accelerator Operations and Development for the highly successful ALS and I'm involved in accelerator physics for the ambitious project ALS-U. I'm also the Principal Investigator for the DOE/BES-funded project "Beam Based Optimization and Machine Learning for Synchrotrons" which we expect will have both profound application for ALS Operations as well as contribute to the beam physics design of ALS-U.

I'm a member of the American Physical Society and a referee for the APS journals Physical Review Letters, Physical Review Accelerators and Beams, the Elsevier journal Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, the IUCr journal Journal of Synchrotron Radiation, the IOP journal Journal of Instrumentation and the IEEE journal IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science . I served on the Machine Advisory Committees for the Canadian Light Source and KEK-LS which is a new light source that will replace PF and PF-AR.

I like running (here, here, here) and try to go out for a run once a day. In my spare time I play the violin, I'd like to learn Spanish and play baseball, and I still do tinker with my computer (Mac OS X, C++, shell scripting, GNU Octave, Tcl/Tk, blt/wish). I'm interested in languages, civil aviation, traveling, and I enjoy cooking (and of course eating) good food from all over the world.

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